next workshop May 9 | 12:00-2:00pm cst
For the entrepreneur who’s ready to finally be seen as the expert and draw in qualified leads — not just freebie seekers. 

Turn Prospects into Profits with Proven Lead Magnet Strategies

With our hands-on virtual workshop, you can dramatically increase your business growth by increasing your visibility, growing your list, and attracting your ideal clients. 


As a successful entrepreneur, you understand that visibility and list growth are critical to your success, especially in today’s online market.

You’ve likely encountered numerous strategies, all promising results. However, the critical elements that are often overlooked are….

The dedicated time needed to meticulously craft a lead magnet that doesn’t just attract but converts.

Real-time feedback to create something you’re confident will resonate with your right-fit audience, ready to pay for your services.

And the understanding of how to strategically position your lead magnet for maximum visibility and desire.

As a busy entrepreneur, prioritizing tasks that might not yield results tends to fall by the wayside.

This is exactly why my team and I are here to help you prioritize your time to create something with a guaranteed impact on your business. 

Does any of this strike a nerve…?

  • You’re pouring hours into creating lead magnets, yet the lack of conversions feels like a direct hit to your bottom line. 
  • You feel like you’re missing out on valuable opportunities to connect with clients who are ready and willing to invest in what you have to offer.
  • You start questioning your expertise and whether you truly understand what your audience needs, eroding your confidence in making decisions for your business
  • You know you need to be seen to grow your list and increase your sales but you’re struggling with imposter syndrome because (even though you KNOW in you’re heart that what you have to offer will impact others.)

If so, keep reading because I have a secret for you!

The secret lies in leveraging your uniqueness and positioning the right messaging, with the right offer, in front of the right audience.


  • Attracting your right-fit clients who are willing AND able to pay for your services.
  • Being recognized as the authority in your field, where your credibility opens doors and builds trust.
  • Achieving your goals through targeted approaches, not just guesses.
  • Your knowledge and skills are in high demand with clients who value your unique contributions and seek your guidance. 
  • A steady stream of clients on your email list, each one aligned with your offer and your values.

What would that be worth to you? 

Our goal is to…. 

  • Help you take your current lead magnet, make simple shifts to align it with your offer, and gain visibility so that you can achieve your biggest goals. 
  • OR create a NEW lead magnet that is perfectly aligned with your clients’ pains and desires, positioning you as their next right step! 

We’ve helped countless entrepreneurs go from invisible to in-demand by streamlining their offers, clarifying their message, and enhancing their online presence. 

We want to help you, too! 

Meet your experts.

Belinda Egan 

Business Growth & Leadership Consultant

Hi, I’m Belinda, your fearless leader and founder of The Sharpened Edge Community. By blending mentorship, problem-solving, and skill development, my coaching unlocks untapped potential, stimulates innovation, and establishes a robust foundation for long-term success in a competitive business environment for all those I serve.

Jessica Bengtson

Social Media & Marketing Specialist

Hi, I’m Jessica. In 2020, I quit my job as a corporate marketing director and started a social media & marketing business. I have never looked back. Now, I get to work with passionate business owners who believe their growth potential is unlimited. I help them reach their potential by giving them clarity and strategies tailored to their business (WITHOUT the stress and overwhelm of trying to figure it out on their own!) 

Hailey Krajewski

Certified Conversion Copywriter

Hi, I’m Hailey Krajewski, a conversion copywriter specializing in helping ambitious entrepreneurs who are in the growth phase of their businesses to ensure they a captive audience, leads flowing in, and most of all the copy and messaging in place to convert leads to paying clients. Whether writing isn’t your zone of genius or you simply don’t have the time to create compelling copy, I’m here to help! 


Magnetize to Monetize

Irresistible Lead Magnets that Convert

A hands-on workshop designed to supercharge your business growth by creating irresistible lead magnets that attract your right-fit clients, not just freebie seekers!  

Experience the power of clarity and guided expertise to attract clients you were meant to serve! 


next workshop Thursday, May 9 | 12:00-2:00pm cst

Here’s what you can expect when you join us:

valued at over $797

Strategic Insight

Gain strategic insight from industry experts to refine your marketing strategy, ensuring you attract more ideal clients.

Ideal Client Connection

Define and connect with your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) so that your messaging resonates deeply, establishing a strong emotional connection and driving engagement.

Preemptive Problem Solving

Craft lead magnets that solve your clients’ problems before they even ask, positioning you as the proactive solution provider and authority in your niche.

Optimized Placement

Know where to place your lead magnet for enhanced visibility and engagement to ensure you capture the attention of your target audience at the right time and place, significantly increasing conversion rates.

Dedicated Creation Time 

Set aside focused time during the workshop to actually create your lead magnet, ensuring you leave with a powerful tool ready to deploy in your marketing efforts, directly connecting with your ideal clients.

And, there’s more!

When you sign up for the Workshop, you’ll get access to:

TWO weeks inside the Sharpened Edge Community at NO cost to you! 

This community is focused on growing, building, and scaling your business while growing in your faith. 

It’s NOT another networking community. 

Instead, we focus on income-generating activities and getting REAL results.  We give you the education, knowledge, and skills you need to take your business to the next level! 

next workshop Thursday, May 9 | 12:00-2:00pm cst

When you add it all up, that’s grand total of $1,295…

Instead, you’ll get access to the two-hour workshop and two weeks inside the community for only $197!  

So, what are you waiting for? 

Have questions? 

Absolutely, we’re here for you and want to make sure this investment is right for your business! 

Reach out to with any questions, and we’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP. 

It’s Decision Time

This is your ticket to carving out the space necessary for creating a lead magnet that speaks to your ideal clients and ensures you’re equipped with the right messaging and strategy for substantial list growth, business expansion, and increased visibility. 

Make the choice to join us now, and you’ll be setting your business on a path to greater success and recognition.

next workshop Thursday, May 9 | 12:00-2:00pm cst